This page contains notes on copyrights and acknowledgments of external contributors
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Concerning copyrights of the audiofiles:
Note: There are considerable changes to the site under way. One of these is reducing the dependency on copyrighted files and increasing transparency, where files originate and under what terms they are used etc.  However because I am one person running the whole thing, it will take a little while. Be patient.   

I am not a lawyer. When a particular site such as claims something is “in the public domain” or “free to the public”, I have to take their word for it. If you have a complaint, contact the sites where the files originate. I will provide any information on the origins of any file, should you need it.

The audio used in our stream will , as far as we are able to verify, conform to one or two points:

1   a. It’s public domain in the United States
     b. It’s creator or author died before 1950/51 and is thus public domain in life +70 countries.

2. We have asked for permission from the copyright holders.

In cases where we have not asked for permission, we will, as far as possible, try to meet both 1a. and 1b. In some cases, the issue will be very complex, and we have done our best to verify the rights. But nobody is perfect. We will remove files that are in dispute without question. In some instances (2), I have asked for special permission from the copyright holders. This material is NOT in the public domain. I will not dispute copyright claims, and will remove the files in question at the earliest opportunity.

But you must contact me by email (historyradioorg(at) to let me know of any claim you might have. And remember, at least, that this is a non-profit site. No profits have been generated. Nor are there any downloads of audio.

The radiostream includes several programs created by people who care about their subjects. It could not have been completed without the services and information provided by:   

The Library of Congress
The Hoover Institution (for their audio of Margaret Thatcher)
The UN Archive (for the radio documentary on the Suez crisis)
The National Library of Norway (for their audio of Sigrid Undset)
The Kennedy Presidential Library
MIT Open Courseware
Seattle Public Library
The Open University (UK)
The National Archives (UK)
Oxford Academic Press (UK)

Literary Estates
The literary estate of Sax Rohmer (for permission to use some Fu Manchu stories)
The Aldous Huxley literary estate (for permission to use an old time radio version of Brave New World)
The Literary Estate of George Bernard Shaw (for permission to use an old time radio version of Pygmalion)
The Literary Estate of E.M. Forster (for permission to use an old time radio version of A Passage to India)

Radio Theater Producers
The Post-Meridian Radio Players (Boston) Store here
Pulp-Pourri Theatre Audio Drama (and the Narada Radio company) Dan Bianchi’s radio theater fan-based Star Trek episodes fan-based Star Wars episodes
Colonial Radio Theater
The Atlanta Radio Theater Company
Blue Hour Productions
Chatterbox Audio Theater (Facebook:

Podcasters, a podcast from the university of Virginia Drew Vahrenkamp’s Wonders of the world, Cory Doctorow’s website, telltale weekly podcast of free audiobooks
Nick Shepley’s Explaining History
Folger Shakespeare Library “Shakespeare Unlimited”
American Holocaust Museum “First Person”
Radio America Veterans Chronicles
World War II Podcast
The Conspiritors Podcast
The Mouse Book Club
In the Past Lane
The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast “42 min book club”
The International Spy Museum
The Missing Link Podcast
History of literature podcast
Hitchcast fandom
The Noir Factory
Knifepoint Horror Podcast

Broadcasters (Utah’s NPR station) Radio One documentaries

Bookstream Audiobooks (for use of their Jules Verne reading)
Lit-2-go (John Carrick, for use of his professor Challenger readings) 
Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler (for use of their comic book) (for use of their Kipling audiobook) 
Verlag Reinhard Marheinecke (for use of their Karl May translation)
Retro Film Vault -AAAS (for permission to broadcast their Braxton Boren interview)
Nicholas Shakespeare (for permission to broadcast his audio lecture on Churchill)

Sources of musical jingles & interludes eerie music DVD
Youtube audio library, songs in the public doman
Youtube audio library free sound effects
Digital history public domain music archive public domain music (claims to be public domain, but needs further checking) 
Project gutenberg recorded music public domain classical music (attribution required, not used so far, but great resource)