Learning about history and literature should be fun, exciting. This site is a simple guide to treasures that are available in public domain archives and on public service sites. I will focus primarily on audio-visual material related to history and literature, but there might be an occasional article written by me. Some of the media files are not hosted by me, and I am not a lawyer. When a particular site such as archive.org claims something is “in the public domain” or “free to the public”, I have to take their word for it. If you have a complaint, contact the sites where the files are hosted. I will try my best to avoid obvious copyright violations. In some instances, I have asked for special permission from the copyright holders. This material is NOT in the public domain.

As for my political convictions, I am a former member of a moderate Norwegian left wing-party (a Democrat or liberal in the US). However, I will try to remain neutral and factual. My name is Michael Wynn, and I have a small translation business at norsktilengelsk.com. You can reach me at michaelwynn2(at)gmail.com .

If you have a text about literature or history which you want published on this site, send me an email.  

The radiostream includes several programs created by people who care about their subjects. It could not have been completed without the services and information provided by:
Retro Film Archive
MIT Open Courseware
Seattle Public Library
Colonial Radio Theater
The Atlanta Radio Theater Company
The National Archives (UK)
Oxford Academic Press
In the Past Lane (Holy Cross College)
The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast
RTE.ie Radio One documentaries
Thesync.com.com: “42 min book club”
The International Spy Museum
The Missing Link Podcast
History of literature podcast
Hitchcast fandom
The Noir Factory