Michael Wynn, the editor of Historyradio.org

Learning about history and literature should be fun, exciting. To make this site I continuously trawl the internet (via historynews.net ) searching for treasures buried in public domain archives and public service sites. The radio stream is filled with the best drama of yesteryears, as well as some new bold dramatizations. There are audio discussions of major writers, as well as written interviews with specialists in the blog. In the fiction pages there are scribblings by a diverse crowd, even an occasional piece of fiction by yours truly.

As for my political convictions, I am a former member of a moderate Norwegian left wing-party (a Democrat or liberal in the US). However, I will try to remain neutral and factual. My name is Michael Wynn, and I have a small translation business at translate-publish.com.

You can reach me at historyradioorg(at)gmail.com .

If you have a text about literature or history which you want published on this site, send me an email. Please do not contact me by phone. I will answer any email request, if I am able. But I prefer to keep a written record of my business.

Historyradio.org is now a part of a network of sites that includes
Historynews.net a news aggregator
Nettskolen.organ basic e-learning portal for Norwegian students
FreetvGuide.org a simple TV guide and startpage
Homeschooling.noThis was a resource page for teachers, students and others forced to self study because of the coronavirus outbreak. The search functionality I tested out at Homeschooling.no has now been implemented at Historyradio.org, and Homeschooling.no will be closed.