The State Of the Mind

by Joshua Kwesi Knowlife

The mind can be a whole world
Bigger the than universe
Infinite in space

It can be liquid
It can be stone
It can change into any state of matter
Aurora borriellos?
it could be alive anywhere
as long as you crave it

The mind can satisfy desires
Just as it can leave you obsessed
The mind can be a place
your wildest dreams
It can form the impossibilities realities refrains from
The mind has no boundaries
there’s no fantasy nor reality
it’s a Utopia

A different state on it’s own
guarded by its unique rules
it’s programed by you
it could be home when the world fail you
But it can be an abyss too

Falling inside your head is endless
Your screams will echo
No one will hear you
You could be gone forever
It’s proclaims consciousness and seem to prove existence

So watch how you program it
Man is defined by his thoughts
Your mind can be your weapon
so can it be your flaw
Your mind is your story
Give it a worthy climax

J.K. Knowlife
November 2015

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