Transvestites and sex in muslim countries

A few years back, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was then president of Iran, entered the podium in a western country to give a speech. He told the crowd there were “no gays in Iran”. They laughed. Such a minority does indeed exist. In addition, there are transexuals and lesbians in Iran, in Indonesia and in all of the other muslim countries. The middle east is a complex region in which many home grown sexual customs have developed. In some countries being a transsexual is more acceptable than being gay, and homosexuals are often forced to have sex change operations.

If you are interested in the subject there are many documentaries to choose from. Australian SBS has produced several reports on muslim gender and sexuality, and British based Levant Tv has a very interesting talk show called Forbidden Talk in which taboo subjects are discussed.  So, in order to prove Mr Ahmadinejad wrong, and in order to dispell the myth of a homogenous Islam without subcultures, I present the following links on the issue:



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