Very interesting group. Cheers from Texas.29.06.2019 11:33 pmLike
historyradio.org A while back we published excerpts from one of our favorite comic books. Based on the works of WWI poets, the comic book includes some very vivid portraits of life in the trenches. We also had a few words with Lord Egremont, a biographer of Siegfried Sassoon. Have a look : https://historyradio.org/2018/01/25/siegfried-sassoon-poet-of-the-great-war/17.06.2019 08:00 amLike
historyradio.org According to our statistics, this old article about H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" in Ecuador remains one of the most read in our blog. Even if we have done very little to promote it. The book which chronicles the events should be available from the largest Spanish book stores. It is a very interesting work, and comes highly recommended. https://historyradio.org/2017/01/21/the-war-of-the-worlds-in-ecuador/16.06.2019 04:18 pmLike
historyradio.org In our blog, we have taken another peek behind the last remnants of the Iron Curtain. We are not oblivious to the shortcomings of North Korea, but the country's culture remains largely unknown. For that reason, we have decided to publish this interview about North Korean science fiction. https://historyradio.org/2019/06/13/science-fiction-behind-the-iron-curtain/13.06.2019 12:19 pmLike
historyradio.org This week we have teamed up with Dreamscape Media to bring you actor Gildart Jackson’s reading of «As Easy as ABC» by Rudyard Kipling (photo). Kipling is not known for his science fiction, but this story was written in 1912 and set in the year 2065. The story will be featured in our SciFi Fridays.04.06.2019 04:41 pmLike