Hollywood viewed from Iran

serveimage1Iran’s ruling elite fear western culture. Human rights and liberal attitudes towards personal freedom seem to clash with Islamic values, and with the censorship of a totalitarian state. Our western culture floods into the country through music, films and popular culture. Islam is under siege, it seems. It is interesting, however, to view our values the way our opposition see them.

Recently I came across pressTv’s video series Hollywood Cut, which analyzes our western film culture through the Shia prism. Clearly this is propaganda, sometimes badly made. Yet, some legitimate questions are being asked. Why are muslims so demonized in our films? How do our films portray our political system? Is there racism in our films? Sometimes the show introduces conspiracy theories about “zionism and the media”, but most of us can recognize that for what it is: a conspiracy theory.

Here are links to some of the episodes of PressTV’s (Iran) Hollywood Cut: