The subtext of scifi, the nerd interpretation

In March 2016 the ABC science documentary series Catalyst aired an episode entitled “Science of Sci Fi films – fact or fiction?”(watch it here) The show tried to understand the public’s continuing fascination with the scifi genre. And it is not only kids that have become devotees, intellectuals everywhere have been converted, such as Anthony Funnell from ABC Future Tense “Science Fiction: Earth’s repair manual?” (30 min audio) .

At events like the annual scifi-related convention Comicon opinions are devided about which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek. Both series have fanatical fans. Generally it has been assumed that Star Trek was more of an adult show, while Star Wars was a soap opera set in space. But not all agree.

Here are a few mature intellectuals on the deeper meaning of their favorite pastime:

American legal scholar Cass Sunstein in a video lecture  The World According to Star Wars “What would Luke Skywalker do?” (18 min audio)

The BBC The Science Hour radio show  recently broadcast “Star Trek-The Undiscovered Future” (50 min) “Oh My: George Takei Talks Science Fiction, Technology, And Interplanetary Equality” (23 min audio )

London School of Economics Lecture : “To Boldly Go: what Star Trek tells us about the world” (1 hour 24 min audio)

“Trek Talks: Mae Jemison on Star Trek and the Future” (1 hour 30 min video)

Below is Laurence Krauss documentary on the science of Star Trek on youtube.

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