Peter Cushing, the kindest psychopath you would ever meet

serveimagePeter Cushing (1913-1994) was probably one of the most unassuming men ever to play a villain on film. The late Carrie Fisher, his co-star, said she had problems hating his character in Star Wars (1977) because he was so kind to her between takes. In the recent Rogue One blockbuster the 60s icon was digitally resurrected.

Cushing was one of the stars of British Hammer horror flicks, alongside the late Christopher Lee. Here he played ruthless and sometimes unsavory characters which contrasted his real life persona. Lee and Cushing were friends, as Lee remembers in this interview.

There is also a documentary on Cushing “The Human Factor” on youtube.

BBC Great Lives radio show on Peter Cushing

A few of Peter Cushing’s films, including the classic The Flesh and the Fiends (1960) about the victorian grave robbers  William Hare and William Burke, have fallen into public domain. Watch it here

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