Milo Yiannopoulos, Trump-era populism

32 year old Brit Milo Yiannopoulos has quickly become one of the most controversial media personalities in the US. Some people see him as a spokesman for the notorious alt-right movement which has stepped out of the shadows after the election of Donald Trump. Openly gay, and sometimes flamboyant, Yiannopoulos has clashed with feminists, civil rights and black activists. He was banned from twitter only to secure a very  lucrative book deal.

“Social justice warriors” has become a new derogative term frequently thrown about by a new wave of right wingers who abhor everything that is politcally correct. But besides their disdain for the old elites, what do they really want? Take a listen to Yiannopulos as he presents his views on The Rubin report:

Here he is clashing with black lives matter movement and with feminists.

Here is a link to his own podcast on the far right Breibart news website.

Yiannopoulos is very provocative, and his success mirrors that of Trump. It doesn’t really matter whether you love him or hate him. In order to understand what is happening in politics in the Trump-era, it might prove useful to familiarize yourself with his views.

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