Watch The Old Man and the Sea

The animated version of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea (1999) has been available on youtube for a while. It is an award-winning short, and you’ll immediately see why when you watch it. It was made using a special paint-on-glass technique, and presents the familiar story about the old man struggling with life and a giant marlin off the coast of Florida.

Hemingway’s story was allegedly inspired by Gregorio Fuentes, his boat captain in Cuba, who died in 2002 at the age of 104.

The animated film is not public domain, although it may have been released online by the creator. Watch it here.

Listen to Biography in Sound “Ernest Hemingway” “Uncovering Hemingway’s Cuban Archives” (audio)

WGBH Forum Paul Hendrickson: Ernest Hemingway and the Sea”(video)

C-span’s video lectures “Papa Hemingway” and “Hemingway: the final years” deal with the last period of the writer’s life “The World Mourns Hemingway” (newsreel obituary)

There is also this great documentary, Ernest Hemingway, Wrestling with Life (1998), found on youtube.

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