Study the history of Rock’n Roll

Students of music should be very pleased with all the freebies that are available online. Dr. Gregg Akkerman lectures on the history of Rock music, Missouri State University offers a free course on the history of music in general and Craig Wright of Yale University presents an introduction to music theory . presents a documentary series on music.

John Waters lectures in the webcast “Three Chords and the Desire for Truth: Rock’N’Roll as Search for the Infinite.”

Watch the Wgbh Forum lecture “Death and Rockn’ Roll”  or the Rock’n Roll lecture series from the American Musicological Society

Finally, there is the University of Rochester’s two part self-paced MOOC course “The History of Rock” : part 1 and part 2.

Below is the BBC documentary Rock’n Roll America, the making of good music from youtube

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