Americans, are they gun crazy?

gi_63374_jj-nra_The US seems to be the home of mass shootings, often carried out by mentally unstable individuals. Yet, almost anyone can get hold of a gun, and not just an ordinary gun, but assault rifles. Weapons that are reserved for the military in other countries. The US has an influential gun lobby in the form of the National Rifle Association (the NRA), which sees gun ownership as a constitutional right. And they do have some justification for their claim. “The right to keep and bear arms” is mentioned in the Second Amendment.

For those outside the US, the American blend of religious and constitutional arguments for owning assault rifles seems bizarre. Foreigners shake their heads at the image of the late Charlton Heston, who famously raised his rifle in the air at an NRA-meeting defiantly shouting “from my cold dead hands”. Documentaries about gun control in America have been aired on all the international news channels. Below you can see a selection of what is available online at the moment.

Video debates

Video lectures & webcasts

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