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The secrets of Mayan literaturehistoryradio.orgArchaeologists have discovered a treasure deep in the jungles of meso-America more valuable than any city of gold: a Mayan writing system that developed in isolation from Europe, or from the ancien…
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Zhou Daguan and his 13’th century journey to an empire lost in timehistoryradio.orgThe greatest city on earth in medieval times was not London, Paris or Rome. It was probably Angkor Watt, the Cambodian giant temple complex that was eventually swallowed by the jungle and forgotten…
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RuthAnne Blach Did you know Angkor Watt is exactly opposite ion the earth from the Nazca lines?07.01.2018 at 01:31 am1
historyradio.org Historyradio would like to wish everyone merry christmas. We have added 3 major Norwegian poets to the fiction section, courtesy of professional translators and publishers. http://historyradio.org/2017/12/18/guardian-angel/
Guardian Angelhistoryradio.orgBuy the full volume from Amazon. A free Reading Guide is also available:
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historyradio.org I will be adding some new poetry to the fiction section soon. So far there is a lot of my (the editor's) own stuff, but the goal is that I will take a back seat in the ficton pages as more text are added.See More In the mean time. Here is my old travel poem in English translation. http://historyradio.org/2017/12/18/cultural-excursion/See Less
Cultural Excursionhistoryradio.orgby Michael Wynn (the author’s own translation from Norwegian) Ulanbator-Bahamas there and back a stupor, a hangover and we’re back on track Noisy little brats, but still you smile, into the j…
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